Miracle Biscuits

One of the biggies when you start out is getting that bread “mouth feel”. That feeling of carbs! It tricks your head into thinking you are getting something you shouldn’t have. Just kidding! Or maybe not.

Kristie’s Miracle Biscuits do that for me. With under a carb each, I thought whoa I can have several of those at a time! But then I found that one usually hits the spot.

I first put a berry reduction on them with cream cheese. Then I put gravy on them. I eat them with my lasagna. Sometimes I just have one single with nothing on it when I have an allergic reaction that causes a carb crave. And it takes care of that carb crave! If I need bread with my scrambled eggs that morning, I grab one. These have become a staple in the house.

They are very versatile. Use your imagination!

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