Cheese Prep

One of the constants in my household is cheese. We eat a lot of it. And on keto, you can!

We keep pre-shredded parmesan on hand, but we also shred our own cheddar and mozzarella. A couple of tips:

We buy Sharp and Mild cheese by the large block. And then shred it up both mild and sharp to keep on hand for morning egg dishes, lunch salads, Mexican Taco Bakes etc. Recently we purchased an attachment to our Kitchen Aid, but prior to that we wore out a hand crank from Amazon that worked just fine. (But it only lasted 1 year before it broke.)

Mozarella is a funny cheese – we buy it in blocks then:

  • Chop the wobbly, soft cheese into chunks that will fit in the processor.
  • Pop those chunks into a container and freeze for 20+ minutes. This will allow them to set up so that you can shred the cheese.
  • I then measure it out into 1 and 1/2 cup amounts since that seems to be the most common increments used for recipes.

I purchased a stack of mini storage containers that have been perfect for mozzarella, blueberry reduction, bacon bits, chopped onions, etc. This has made life so much easier.

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