Social Media

  • Facebook – I follow the Low Carb Journey which was started by Kristie Sullivan.
    NOTE: Experience has told me that all other groups on there can get wild, negative, and provide bad information (possibly due to a lack of focus and monitoring.) Kristie’s group has great content that you can search on and good, positive responses to questions.
  • Facebook – Another great one is Keto ChaffleHouse – this is a mix of low carb and other diets, so just watch your ingredients. There is a lot of tips and tricks for making chaffles, best waffle irons etc.


  • The Keto Zone Diet by Don Colbert, MD – this book was advised by my doctor as a place to start when I was being resistant. It convinced me by explaining in simple terms why this diet works for our health. This doctor/author has used the diet for his cancer patients for years, so the diet is more intense than I am wanting to do, but the information is great.
  • Keto Living Day by Day by Kristie Sullivan – the recipe book that created a love of cooking Keto in me to the astonishment of relatives and friends (I am notorious for not liking to cook.) I recommend all of her books, if you can afford them, but this is the 1st one. It is easy, well written, and has meal plans for starting out, if you need those.