Kristie’s Sweet Dutch Baby, Baby


Do you sometimes need a breakfast on the run? Then this is it. When I discovered the Dutch Baby, Baby recipe, I knew I could do this for a lifetime.

I grab this on the go on those mornings I don’t have time for scrambled eggs, and I will wrap it with a piece of ham. You can also savor it with a berry reduction if you have time.

I make it on a Sunday morning and have it ready for the week. Warm or cold, it never disappoints.


SIDE NOTE: It has a whimsical aspect – you can never know just how it is going to look when you take it from the oven. It poofs up large and in weird shapes then goes flat, which I find oddly fascinating to watch.

I tend to cook it round and like to use my Pampered Chef baking stone dish, but the Lodge Ironworks skillet also works. I have also used a rectangular baking stone dish and am looking to try it with a muffin top pan. So much versatility!


  • Prep: need to prepare it ahead of time for a quick breakfast
  • Recipe: Easy
  • Cookbook: Day by Day


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