3 Spoons go KETO


The wooden spoon finally began cooking Keto for health’s sake and at the strong encouragement of her doctor.

This is all about reducing inflammation, which is a constant battle and manifests itself in aching joints, strong anaphylactic responses, and tiredness, among other things.

As the other two spoons saw the change and tasted the food, they began researching the other health benefits of the Keto diet. Now we are all cooking for our health!

Note: Our gourmet spoon is doing this without dairy or pork, but we other two are and you will see a lot of that in this blog.

If you want to know more about Keto, we highly recommend reading up on it and trying the recipes first to make sure you can do it. It is not one of those dietary changes that you can go on and off of and have cheat days. But there are a lot of variations within it.

I started with Dr.Colbert’s Keto Zone book, which is an easy read from one cancer doctor’s lifelong use of the diet to help his patients. This was the book that convinced me to give it a try.





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