Seasons 52


Seasons 52 is a favorite grill of ours in the Indianapolis area. Their menu changes with the seasons and offers healthy options. If you have a Seasons 52 one near you, try the Maui Tuna Crunch – “sushi-grade seared tuna, organic greens, pineapple, toasted almonds, sesame dressing.”

A party for the taste buds, I assure you!


Chef Logan heard my curious inquiry about some of the delectable vegetables included in the salad and approached our table to inform us that these beautiful little pieces of natural art were watermelon radishes. I had never seen them before! He even told us how to cut them to achieve this look.


An enjoyable culmination of the experience is when they present the desserts. Everything on the menu is under 470 calories, so the desserts (which are even less) are the perfect portion. They bring them out in an irresistible display.


My choice was a chocolate mocha confection… I have no regrets.



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