Chicken Something or the Other


We are snowed in once more on a weekend, so our gourmet cook got a little happy in the kitchen this afternoon (she is the fancy, slotted spoon in the About page photo.) She said she was making Chicken Cacciatore  but then, true to her own whim, we ended up with something totally off-recipe. It is always a surprise when she gets into the kitchen. Following the recipe is too confining. Fortunately, she is usually successful.

Here were her steps:

Blanch the cabbage.


Place chicken on a a bed of cabbage and season to taste.


Add two types of onions and some mushrooms.


Top it with Glen Muir fire roasted tomatoes (my fav! Can’t go too wrong there.)


Cover and bake on 350 until the chicken is done throughout. Shortly before it was finished, she sprinkled Mediterranean black olives across the top. The perfect topping!


The finished product was a beautiful presentation, of course! And very yummy. But I still have no idea what to call it. Chicken and cabbage sounds way too plebeian.


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